Year-End Review for the Curious

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Each year about this time, I take a writing break from The Nurtured Entrepreneur.  Since I won’t be sending another post until next year, I thought I’d share some tips on how to conduct a spiritually-focused, year-end business review.  It involves turning a friendly and curious gaze on your entrepreneurial pursuits.

You may already have a process for this, but if not, these tips can be a starting point.  Formal or informal, use or create a process that’s most aligned with you.  Taking stock of the year as a whole reveals different insights than those we catch a glimpse of as the days are passing.

setting up your review space

What will support you in turning your focus fully and easily on this process?  Perhaps quiet music, a candle, a warm blanket, cup of tea, special chair, a favorite talisman, a view of nature, the whisper of a fire in the grate?  Prepare in whatever way feels honoring and enjoyable to you.  You may need a baby sitter or a “Do Not Disturb” sign,  and you definitely want to turn off the phone, pad, and computer.  Print out what you need ahead of time.  Don’t temp yourself with digital diversions.  Let this come through your head, heart, and hand – not an electronic device.  You may want one long session or multiples, but my advice is don’t spread it out too much.  You want the momentum of focus.

gathering your Review Tools

Fill a basket or nearby table with the items you’ll need for the review.  You’ll want your calendar and appointments so you can see events you attended, events you hosted for your tribe, connections you made.  Notes on changes made to your web site, blog or facebook business page.  Maybe you have a folder or two where you keep dreams and ideas for products and services – gather those.  A printout of your marketing plan – whatever helps you recall the previous months.  If you include spreadsheets and sales reports, summarize don’t analyze.  Save those details for a separate financial review session.  Use this as a review of your business as a tool for expressing your essence and serving your tribe.

As you begin to walk back through the year from this perspective, here are some questions you may want to ask:

  • What worked really well for me in my business? 

One thing that worked well for me was connecting with kindred spirits who are at a similar point in their business to compare notes and share insights (in person, not virtual).  I’m also part of a private online forum for spiritual entrepreneurs that has contributed much to my understanding and clarity about my business.

  • What did not work quite right for me in my business? 

Trying to adopt methods that don’t work with my personality and introvert inclinations does not work well for me.  Likewise, taking too many classes and listening to too many experts.  What Spirit has helped me see is that right now I need to spend more time listening to my Inner Wise Woman; more time meditating, planning, and doing and less time taking in additional information.

  • What did I learn this year about myself and my business? 

I’m learning what a precise microcosm my business is for all of my life.  It reflects back to me my strengths and weaknesses as any relationship does.  It’s a great mirror teacher.  I’m learning how to surrender control, to ask for help and guidance, and most of all how to listen.


As you conclude your review, you may also want to ask your Divine Helpers (whoever that is for you), if there’s anything else they want you to know about the closing year.  Listen, then write down what comes to you without judgement.  Use this and the answers to the questions above in your plans for the new year.

My year-end wish for you is the same as my wish for myself, that in reviewing the year you are kind and truthful to yourself, that you assess from a spiritual perspective and not from ego’s perspective, and that you are inspired to create anew, to expand in expressing your Divine Essence in the world.  We need you.




  1. Joy
    December 12, 2013

    I love this simple process; it feels nurturing (duh!) and non-judgmental. I intend to give it a try instead of my usual year-end goal-setting. Thanks for offering this, and have a wonderful end of year break, Jana. -Joy

    • Jana Jopson
      December 12, 2013

      There’s a lot to be said for simple and nurturing, yes? Maybe we can compare notes on the process after the first of the year. I appreciate you commenting, Joy. Blessings and peace to you!


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