As spiritual entrepreneurs journeying mostly on a pathless path, it can be helpful to gather tips from those who have more experience.

In a tele-call last month with brilliantly creative entrepreneurs Martha Beck, Lissa Rankin, and Amy Ahers it was stated that we don’t have to “jump off a cliff or have a melt down” to find our calling.  “It can be a smooth, well-supported, well-guided process.”

How do we match up with the best support and guidance for us?  For me, it was initially akin to an unfruitful archeological dig.   I followed recommendations for entrepreneurs in general.  Lost cause.  No good matches.

Then I looked for mentors with similar spiritual inclinations and “new millennium” business values and practices.  Five good matches narrowed to two best matches.  I was still trying to copy complete models because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do.

After struggling with this approach for a while, I began to realize a number of things.  To make my own path, I would need to:

  • be even more discerning and selective.
  • embrace some teachings and discard some teachings from each mentor.
  • limit the number of programs I engaged with at any one time.
  • piece together a custom travel kit and guide book.

Bottom line, I was going to have to forge my own gold in my own alchemical fire to come up with a sustainable business process.  And follow my heart.  As one of my dear entrepreneurial colleagues says, ‘It’s a process.’

How did you reach your calling?  Did it take cliff jumping or a melt down?  Have you found a well-supported, well-guided process?  Share your insights with us.

This morning, one of my sacred writing mentors, Mark Nepo, had this to say in his book Seven Thousand Ways to Listen – Staying Close to What is Sacred:

 “[…] when touched by our calling, it doesn’t matter if we’ve been prepared or trained or certified or if we’ve been delayed for years.  What matters is if we can listen to our own unmitigated possibility with our whole being.”

Until next time …

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