Simple Gifts for a Nurtured Entrepreneur

Dear Nurtured Entrepreneur,

To work with passion can mean, among other things, (a) to work with devotion, (b) to sustain a deep interest in our work, and sometimes (c) to experience overpowering feelings in our work, for good or ill.  If you are pursuing your work with passion AND wanting to stay mindful of your body and being in the process, I have some simple gifts you can give yourself that may help.

The key to self-nurture is self-awareness and that can be a tall order for any entrepreneur in the thick of all that’s required to get your business into the river, moving downstream, and holding steady as you navigate.

  • A simple tool I use to check in with myself during the day is called a Mindfulness Clock.  This free software places an icon in your task bar.  Mine’s set to chime once at the top of each hour.  When I hear the gong beginning its call, I pause and take a deep inhale, a slow exhale.  I relax my shoulders and stomach.  I say “hello” to myself and add a “how-are-you-do-you-need anything” if I want to take the time.  Try this even once and see if your body responds with gratitude (not your mind, mind you, but your body).  You inner nurtured entrepreneur will thank you, too.  The bell of the Mindfulness Clock is lovely.
  • A simple body movement I use to release unwanted energy is to shake.  Yep.  Think: tremor, shudder, quake.  It’s best if it’s a whole body shake.  Hide in the bathroom if you require privacy!  We take in thousands of emotions a day from thousands of experiences that create tension in the body.  Unlike most animals, who do shake off this tension after a fright or trauma or an anticipated attack that never comes, we don’t shake these off.  Does that mean the tension goes away on its own?  No.  It settles in and takes up residence and does not add to our well-being.  So get shaking!  I invite you to read this insightful article, ‘Shake Away Your Stress and Tension’ by creative entrepreneur, coach, speaker and healer, Lea Houston.
  • Nurtured entrepreneurs are very sensitive to music.  One nurtured entrepreneur I know loves to listen to Mozart when he works.  He says it soothes and stimulates at the same time.  Have you tried setting up a nurturing music station for yourself on online Pandora Radio?  If you can’t listen to music while you work, consider taking a music break to listen to just one favorite, uplifting song.  This is one of my favorite nurturing songs, performed by Yo-Yo Ma and Alison Krauss.  Listen to Simple Gifts (close your eyes).

Until next time …

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  1. claire isabelle
    February 19, 2011

    Each a gem… a wonderful reminder to take care.
    I can’t wait to shake off. I might do it the tune of Mozart! Happy days to you!


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