I am fond of tools.  I love hand tools that do what they are designed to do with ease and grace:  needle-nose pliers; kitchen shears; citrus peelers; devices that can cut open those plastic clamshell packages.  Another category of tools I’m quite fond of is tools for vibrational tune-ups.  That is, tools that help me recover my mojo; liberate me from ego-entrapment; plug me back into the truth of my Being.

This week, a vibrational tuning tool popped into my in-box (priceless mail v. junk mail) and I want to share it with you.  If you love and know horses, you’ll appreciate this one.  It comes courtesy of one of my besties, Martha Beck.  I unabashedly adore Martha.

Imagine there’s you as the Horse Self and you the Rider Self (aka, Higher Self).  Here’s what she says:

“You may feel your own Rider Self guiding you right now, tugging at your head, tapping your sides, trying to wiggle you out of your job or into learning French or adopting a child. Begin tuning into it. Pay attention to the subtle tugs and flutters. Try something—anything. Then try something else. When you go toward your best option, the pressure will suddenly disappear. Pay attention. Repeat.” 

Isn’t that a good one?  Tune in.  Experiment.  Stay curious while you try different options.  When you find the one that feels best, the Rider/Higher Self will relax and off you trot in synch.

This week I’ve been feeling a lot of tugging, tapping, and wiggling as I work on my new web site and business focus.  I called a sister IIE (that’s intuitive, introvert entrepreneur) and said, “Help!  Meet me for lunch and make it quick!”

We noshed and brainstormed about the wording of the tag line and other descriptors.  I blurted out, “If I’m going for clear, clean, and current communication I want the truth and nothing but the truth in the truest way I can say it.”  Responding, she articulated the very heart of the descriptions we’d been bandying back and forth.  Bingo.  We high-fived each other, grinned and finished lunch.  No more tugging, tapping, wiggling.

Be the horse.  Feel the rider.  Tune up and trot on!