When was the last time you cleaned up your online files? Think of each one as the equivalent of a paper document in a filing cabinet drawer. Would you want the energy of useless, outdated reams of paper sitting forgotten in your space for creativity? No, that’s stagnant energy.  Energy that’s blocking the flow of good into your life and business.

While looking for an online file recently to share with a colleague, I found myself in a folder of documents not often visited. What were these old documents anyway? I opened a few and then a few more. Here are some examples of what I found:

file and action table

For support with the task of clearing out unwanted, unnecessary energy, let’s look to the wisdom of Water.

Water is one of the Elemental Forces of Creation. It’s one of the foundations of our biology and of planet Earth. Water is the element of emotions and flow. Without a clear, clean, current flowing through our emotional waters, we’re swirling around in stagnant backwater.

These hidden files buried in our typically huge online or cloud storage mediums hold either vibrant, active energy that supports us in some way or hold stagnant, stifling, fearful energy that saps our well-being.  This includes old e-mails as well. If you’re storing digital files that have negative feelings attached to them, your emotional water realm is not able to flow clean, clear, and in current time.

Experiment: One folder at a time, start releasing some of the stagnant energy in your stored digital files (and if you do have paper files, this of course, applies to them, too!).  See what shakes loose and what new opportunities and information come your way to boost the well-being of your spiritual business endeavors.