Forking Off with a Few Choice Words

Creative entrepreneurs know the power of words.

  • We know the words that resonate with our tribe of ideal clients.
  • We know the words that uplift us as we read through passages in a favorite inspirational book.
  • We know the words that catch our eye when scanning the products and services of other creative entrepreneurs.

What about words that speak directly to our hearts and minds?  Singular words that have the power to reconnect us to our Source, to re-align us with the truth of who we are?

The Abraham-Hicks teachings have a concept called ‘forking off.’  It’s about shifting direction when the path you’re on isn’t working or doesn’t feel good.  It’s about making a choice to be willing to feel better, even if you can’t instantly feel better.

Last year, I received a small pad of pre-printed sticky notes.  I flipped through the pad and noticed that just by reading the words, I forked off, shifted, and re-aligned.  I wanted to read these on a regular basis, but not see them ALL the time because I might stop noticing them.  Where to put them so they would catch my attention and catch my mood by surprise:  inside my kitchen cupboards!



When I open the door, there on the back wall is a message just when I need it.  Shoulders drop, stomach relaxes, a smile forms, breathing deepens.

I have made a page of “a few choice words,” just for YOU, dear reader.  Cut them out and place them in a drawer, in a cupboard, in your wallet … hidden places where they can surprise you again and again, re-align you again and again, and bless you again and again.

Until next time …

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