Tolle, a Norse Goddess, and Your Entrepreneurial Life

An entrepreneurial friend of mine who practices authentic living and ‘The Presence Process’ as taught by Michael Brown in his book of the same name, recently summed up her life during a phone conversation.

“I can be here, or I can be in hell,” she told me. 

Here meaning being in the presence and power of NOW.  Hell meaning hounded by fear in any of its forms when our mind focuses on past or future worries.  We laughed loud and long as our hearts took in the deep truth in her statement.

In the ups and downs of daily entrepreneurship, authentic living can be a challenge.  We find ourselves here and in hell on a regular basis.  One isn’t good or bad.  They are the ‘what is’ as the moments of the day unfold.

  • A new client unexpectedly decides to postpone working with us.
  • A unexpected referral shows up and can’t wait to start working with us.
  • A payment is long overdue.
  • A long-term client sends us a thank-you gift for our excellent customer service.
  • Our web site contact form stops working for no apparent reason.
  • The new software we need to learn turns out to be easy to learn.

Whether the events of our day APPEAR good or bad, we can be here or in hell with them.  For example (click image to enlarge):


Postscript:  Shortly after the phone conversation, I learned of an ancient Norse Goddess of the Underworld named Hel.  She was (among other roles) a goddess of transformation.  She welcomed the dead, but also assisted those who were stuck, troubled, or in transition, who traveled to visit her in her underworld home.  They came for messages and signs related to what they needed to release, take in, or claim to move on to their next role back in the reality of life on earth. Lends new meaning to the pejorative, ‘Go to Hel.” (smile)

Until next time,

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