“Come ye thankful people, come!” 

This is a line of lyric from a hymn I learned in childhood about joining together to celebrate the gathered harvest before winter begins.  It always brings a smile to my face and a welling up of happy feelings.  I love the Thanksgiving celebration.

In honor of this harvest holiday taking place this week in the United States, I want to tell you, how thankful I am for you, the readers of The Nurtured Entrepreneur.  Without you, there would be no exchange of energy and that exchange feeds me whether it comes in comments or simply in thought.

To express my appreciation, I’d like to share the first glimpse of my book-in-progress about seasons and joy and gratitude.  This is a page from the November-January section, the quarter of the year known as Samhain in the Celtic tradition.

 I am grateful for a cup of tea snug in hand.

I am grateful for first dips into freezing temperatures.

I am grateful for the comfort of thick flannel sheets.

I am grateful for reminders to be lighthearted.

I am grateful to be here.

Teacup Cottage-JJ-blr

Early this month, an artist friend sent me a dear handmade card for Thanksgiving so I could enjoy it all the month long.  It is a reminder of friendship, something no one should be without.  My store of friends is rich indeed and in that way I am abundantly blessed.  My mother was my role model for having friends, being a good friend, and enjoying friends.  I would not be where I am in my business or life today were it not for good friends, tried and true.  I am thankful for that gift every day of my life.

Happy Thanksgiving!


thanks giving2

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May your memories of things you are thankful for be warm and bright, may your blessings be sweet and many!