It’s a … Blog Post Tour!

Four Heart-Opening Questions

An invitation to participate in a “blog tour” came my way recently whereby I am introduced to a blogger’s readers, I introduce her to mine, and then we both pass along the opportunity to additional creative spirits. The intriguing angle is that, as we tour, we all answer the same four questions. It’s a chance for you to meet and feel the energy of women who are creating businesses from their earnest hearts and fiery souls.


My invitation came to me from Arianne Moore. I met Arianne in an online support group for spiritual entrepreneurs.  Once upon a time, a desire to help others live happy lives grew in her young girl’s heart.  As a life coach, that continues to be the cornerstone of her work with women from around the world. Based in Calgary, Canada, you will find gems in Arianne’s answers to the four questions.

And now, here are my answers to those questions, shared with you from the ever-opening heart of my introvert soul.

What am I working on?

(the short list)

  • a new, truly delicious web site,
  • a book of prayers for calling in sacred space,
  • short, theme-specific audio meditations to support my tribe,
  • a new landscaping design for my front yard,
  • healthier ways to eat and move,
  • keeping my dog healthy and happy,
  • understanding aspects of technology that baffle me,
  • paring down possessions, and
  • learning what it means to listen.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My approach to coaching “quiet” (aka introvert) entrepreneurs unfolds from two fundamental teachings: my life coach training and my priestess training. I studied a spiritual approach to coaching that invokes my connection to Spirit, to my client, and their connection to their “higher self” (whatever that is for them). They are living a life and creating a business that is encircled and informed by their spiritual journey; life as a spirit in human form. Embracing this framework for coaching came very naturally to me. My graduate degree in counseling never resonated with me the way coaching does. The forward looking perspective, the reframing or releasing of old stories, and the opening to curiosity and possibility inherent in coaching restored in me a life-long desire to teach and help.

On my journey, the next process I engaged was the study of being a modern-day, practical priestess, bringing forward sacred mysteries in a new way to bridge them into current times. As I absorbed the teachings and learned how to embrace my own sacred feminine work in the world, I met five amazing teachers: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit. This reconnection with the elemental forces of Nature was a deepening of my love of the outdoors as a child. This time I met them as teachers with distinct characteristics, wisdom, and guidance. As I work with my clients, I listen carefully to see how the elements might support, bring balance or understanding to them and their work. The elements have become beloved counselors to me on my own journey.

How does my writing/creating process work?

I often receive inspiration while I’m driving in the car, taking a bath, or standing in my open kitchen door welcoming the day. If I don’t get a few notes on paper quickly, it can be long gone. Once I do have something and start working on it – whether a written piece or an art piece – it often becomes something other than what it started out to be and I surrender to the Creative Muse! I’ve learned that it’s a good idea and helpful to the process to get up and move my body by dancing or taking a walk, or engaging in a completely different activity like washing dishes or throwing in a load of clothes. A good 20 minute break often does the trick and when I’m back on task, there’s either a new perspective and flow, or a flow to where I left off. While I enjoy writing, I LOVE making things with my hands. Got hooked on it watching kid shows on television when they got out the scissors, paper and glue. There’s more frustration for me with handmades than writing, because I don’t always have the skill or knowledge to execute the design in my head. But when I make something that pleases me, that speaks back to me, that I still like years later, or see displayed in the recipient’s home … that feels good.

Why do I write/create what I do?

This is the toughest question for me because it means admitting that I don’t create often enough for my own pure joy. Ongoing inner conflict.

I write my blog to share experiences or a perspective or a story in hopes that it will speak to my readers and make their day better, even if it was already good. I create my services and products so I can help my clients enjoy their work and lives more, make their lives simpler and more meaningful. These are the things I want for myself. And if we get richer and healthier in the process, that’s good, too. I write with the intention to encourage, praise, lend hope, and inspire.

If I didn’t have a business, or perhaps when the time comes to close it, I may write more fiction and poetry. Perhaps by then, another blog tour will come along with a new set of questions.

And the tour continues….

Now I have the honor of passing on the blog tour “speaking stick” to two dear friends and creative entrepreneurs, Corinne Chaves and Lisa Burk Foster. I met Corinne a number of years ago when I strayed into her QiGong class and stayed. She is one of the bravest women I know, full of integrity, wisdom and heart. She’s also the only woman I know who is a disciple of the Tao and has studied and trained in China in a Taoist temple. I met Lisa in my first priestess training class, so glad there was another woman who was not keen on dancing (we did LOTS of sacred dancing in that class). She is a beautiful, radiant spirit who helps men and women re-imagine their relationship to food and their bodies when it has become a battle zone. Corinne and Lisa will post their answers for the tour on June 2nd, so be sure to sign-up for or visit their blogs so you don’t miss what they have in store for you!

Thanks for taking the tour with me.  You may want to try answering these questions for yourself. I have a feeling if I started my answers where they left off, I could go even deeper. Hmmm … there may be a blog post in there. Blessings on your journey! May the force (of Nature) be with you!

If you found this helpful, interesting, thought-provoking, or inspiring please share.  Through your kindness in paying it forward we can reach others who may find it valuable too. 

With appreciation, 




  1. Arianne
    May 26, 2014

    This was great Jana! I enjoyed getting to know you even more through your post. Happy that you could ‘tour’ with us and looking forward to reading Corinne and Lisa’s post.

    • Jana Jopson
      May 30, 2014

      It was a great pleasure to be part of the tour, Arianne. Blessings!


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