The autumn harvests of old took place from early August to late October.  During this same time frame, I have been harvesting a new vision of my work and my place in the world.  The last couple of years have been spent going deep into the soil of my life and planting new seeds.  Now there’s a harvest in progress, a coalescing of what I’ve gleaned that my soul wants to express; wants to bring more fully into my work with my clients.

At first glance, the new pieces don’t appear to fit in neatly with my current services.  I could compartmentalize them as I have done in the past.  But that feels like cutting myself into pieces when my heart is seeking integration.  And so it asks, “Will you be true to me?”


Have there been new truths growing for you that want to come more fully into expression, through you and out into the world?  Have you been tending new visions of what your spiritual entrepreneurship could be that are ready for harvest?  Perhaps the field is covered in a morning mist so that what’s taking shape isn’t quite distinct, but something in you knows it’s out there ripening.

The last harvest of the year, “Harvest Home,” is when all the summer’s bounty is in and stored for the winter.  It’s a time of great relief, great celebration, and great gratitude for the unified efforts of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit that yield this life-giving abundance.  As you approach your own time of “Harvest Home,” what ripe goodness will you be bringing in to celebrate and share?

Until next time …

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