A couple of weeks ago, I read a spiritual journey article with this phrase in it and it has stayed on my mind since, asking for “a little more attention, please…”

provoked into liberation


What could it mean to us as spiritual entrepreneurs to be provoked into liberation? To be provoked in this sense could be any of the meanings given in the dictionary, but let’s look at two:

  • to exasperate or vex
  • to stir up feelings, desires, or actions

Have you ever been provoked into your own liberation from something as a spiritual entrepreneur?  Was the provocation from within or without?

One of my most hurtful business encounters was having a business development expert tell me a truth about my business that brought up feelings of deep shame.  I was “vexed” to say the least!  I imagined kicking this person in the shins!  And yet … in sitting with this experience and the feelings it gave rise to, I was provoked into liberation.  Not liberation from the statement of truth about my business, but liberation from the feeling of shame.

The shame was mine, curdling inside with untruths about myself and my process that I had allowed to settle there.  It was waiting for someone to poke it awake.  While the observation about my business had truth in it, the shame I felt was not the truth about me.  This provoked a desire in me to be liberated from feeling that particular shame again.  It took diligent inner work to pull out all the related self-statements and deep inquiry into each one to experience its untruth and a process to release it. * But what a priceless gift!

How might your business or your life feel and look differently if you were provoked into liberation?  What do you long to be liberated from?  Do you need to wait to be provoked by the Universe?

Not all provocation need be unpleasant.  Recently I read a passage in a newsletter that provoked me into claiming a deeper truth about what I have to offer my tribe and how deeply I want to serve from this more authentic, aligned place.  It is liberating on many fronts … more on this in upcoming posts.


Peace and ease,





*Please note, typically, clearing is not a one-time-gone-forever event.  More often it’s a process of removing layers.