The sun entered Aquarius about five days ago where it will be until February 17th.  This Air sign is expansive and invites you to shift your awareness into a much broader perspective than usual.

I like to think of it as an aerial, birds-eye-view awareness way up above our ordinary street-level way of seeing.  How does your spiritually-guided business look from up there?

Imagine slowly zooming out to this broader view of your business.  Pause when you feel you’ve got a good vantage point.

Staying curious and with a friendly eye, what can you notice …

  • What’s the level of activity?  Does it look like happy productivity?
  • Is that person down there (you) whistling as they work (so to speak)?
  • Are they supporting themselves by allowing things to flow?
  • Is their heart open to inspiration and Divine Guidance?
  • Are they questioning stressful thoughts?  (not giving them a foothold)
  • What’s different from what you expected?

Now, keeping a bit of a distance, start to come back down to the street-level view.  As you touch down, still looking in from the outside what do you see?  How do things look and feel differently now that you’ve had a look from afar?

When I was a little girl, one of my fondest past-times was this outside-looking-in perspective.  Walking home from play at dusk or just after dark, I would glance into the windows of the houses along my street.  Whether I knew the occupants or not, I would imagine little vignettes of what they were doing … greeting loved ones coming home, preparing a good supper, children getting hugs … happy things.

This week I came across a painting that shares this idea.  It’s called Lady in a Garden by Moonlight, painted in 1882 by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.  In my imagination, the figure in the garden is taking a big-picture view of her home and her life as she gazes at the lighted windows.  She’s thinking about all that’s wonderful about her life and assessing the things that are not quite right that she intends to change.

moonlight gardne

Taking a big-picture view of our life and work can help us put our dreams and goals into writing and action with more clarity.   Among the elemental forces of creation, Air is the mental realm.  It helps us tap into both our creativity in the right-side of the brain, as well as focus and intention-setting in the left side.

Birds-eye or street level … remember that you are looking in on someone who is loved, loving, and Love itself.

Until next time …