Next week is Valentine’s Day, one of my favorite holidays because I love celebrating the beauty and power of Love.  I’m currently taking a study class on the chakras and their role in creation.  Right now we’re focusing on the heart chakra and opening it to let love flow through us.  One of my favorite affirmations is,

“The Universe delights in living through me.”

And my heart knows that Source, God, Goddess, All That Is delights in loving through us, too.

Sometimes our eyes or our past can trick us into temporarily forgetting that we’re All One.  And then our heart chakra wants to contract.  If we notice this and don’t judge it, just keep breathing into it, sometimes it eases into relaxing and allows Love’s Flow once more.  (And it’s fine if it doesn’t.)

In these days leading up to Valentine’s Day, the Celebration of Love Day, here are some Energy Experiments you can play with:

  • Place your awareness on your heart chakra, right between your breasts.  Say hello to it now.  How does it feel when you do that?  Do you sense anything different?
  • Imagine an opening in the top of your head, your crown chakra, and picture Divine Love flowing into you through this place in a soft, gentle, ceaseless flow.  Let it fill your body and flow out your feet into the ground, sending Love to Mother Earth.
  • Now picture this Divine Love expanding as you bring it in with your in breath, and on the out breath, imagine it flowing out from your heart like a soft, expansive beam of Love Light.
  • When you find yourself in a public place this coming week … at school, at the market, on public transportation, at the library … fill up with Divine Love and then let your heart chakra expand and send out waves of love to every person present.


On Valentine’s Day and every day, may you feel loved, greatly loved, by Love Divine.





Heart(This is a photograph of one section of my annual Valentine Tree!)