Guided from Within or Without?

Posted by on May 28, 2014 in Entreprenurial Ponderings | 4 Comments

Early one morning as I stood in the open kitchen doorway gazing out into the back yard and feeling appreciation for all I could take in with my senses, my irksome ego mind interrupted “… come on, get to work, you slept too late already!” Wow. All that from my very own brain.

I brought this up at lunch with my good friend Kay the next day, the challenge of being guided by our own true desires — of flesh or of spirit — rather than the countless ‘should’ messages we’re surrounded with by culture or in our own minds.

  • Do I really want to help save the planet or am I supposed to want to?
  • Do I really want a green smoothie for lunch or am I supposed to want one?
  • Do I really want to have a six-figure income from my business or am I supposed to want it?
  • Do I really want (fill in the blank) or am I supposed to want it?

I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t raised to think about what I might want (aside from mayo or mustard on my bologna sandwich). The first time I heard the Abraham-Hicks teaching about answering the question, “What do I want?”, I was so stunned to realize I didn’t know, it took me several years to come up with a clear answer.

Brushing off or clearing away all the judgments about what’s a good thing to want, bad thing to want, worth wanting  — all the unlearning to excavate our true wants  — can be a big job.  It isn’t about always getting what we want. It’s about knowing what we want, authentically, clearly, and in current time (sometimes we hold onto a want only to realize it is out of date).

The best guide I’ve come up with for discerning true wants is this:

  • Be in your body, send an energetic cord down into Mother Earth and feel the connection (you have to know a want with your whole being, not just in your head).
  • Be still, be quiet, in as peaceful a spot as is available at the time (slowing down to this level outside of sleep means taking a page from nature; better yet, be in nature).
  • Close your eyes and listen (remember, we have two ears and one mouth by design).
  • Connect with your heart and feel for your answer (look at the dial on your inner compass, your Divine Wisdom).

Sometimes the knowing is quick, sometimes not.  Be patient.  And it doesn’t always take all of this.  Sometimes if you just pause a moment and ask, you know.  Be patient.  True wants are worth knowing.

Peace and ease,







  1. Donna
    May 30, 2014

    Oh, Jana, this comes at the perfect time for me. I have two different people who want to rent the apartment in my home. They are both wonderful and I have to choose which one I want to live here. What kind of person do I really want in this extension of my home? I am going outside to sit in my garden. I know I will have the answer as I relax and go within. Thank you and I love the photo of Bonny looking out into your garden.

    • Jana Jopson
      May 30, 2014

      Dear Donna (it was soooooooo good to see you in person when you came through town), I’m so glad this post spoke to you and of course your beautiful Spirit will bring the answer … you, who are so close to the Earth and all of Nature. Blessings, dear one!

  2. Merry Mahry Magpie
    May 30, 2014

    Pure and lovely.

    • Jana Jopson
      May 30, 2014

      A reflection of the reader, Magpie!


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