Say, what!?!  Although I prefer staying as close to the present moment as much as possible, I can still dip into the not-so-distant past and remember the dread that use to show up when half the weekend was gone and Monday loomed.  That’s back when I wasn’t living aligned with the Truth of my Being.  That’s back when I was trying to fit my Round self into any number of Square holes.

Fast forward to NOW.  In honor of Monday … as a beautiful day of the week, a day I love because it begins a fresh page on the calendar when I resume connecting, serving, offering, creating, savoring and greeting my clients, potential clients, and humankind … I’ve decided to make something very special.  It’s …

Just Another Magic Monday!

A birthday card I received from a dear friend, inspired me to create a PHOTO + QUOTATION image and the people I shared it with liked it so much, I’m going to be making a series of them available to anyone who wants to start their week with a centering, loving thought.  When Just Another Magic Monday launches, you’ll be able to sign up for it on my web site and share the link with anyone you think would like a magic-laden greeting in their in-box on Monday mornings.

Here’s a sample of what you might see (click to see the full size image):


You won’t have to click through to my web site – just open the e-mail and receive your message.

Selection of the images and quotations is underway.  I’ll let you know when Just Another Magic Monday is available!

Peace and ease,