Last week, a thoughtful newsletter I subscribe to arrived with some samples of soul-aligning questions for the new year.

As the old year exits, a typical question might be, ‘What am I ready to let go of?’ or ‘What am I ready to release?’  This newsletter had an alternative with a bit of extra fire that really appealed to me:


Doesn’t that wording have an extra “oomph” to it?  What would you like to declare that you are done with in your entrepreneurial business?  I decided to sit with this question and see if I could identify my top three.  Here’s what I uncovered …

In my heart of hearts I believe that:

  • we are on a spiritual journey on which we’re assisted by angels and other helpful beings,
  • we are more than our ego, thoughts, and feelings, and
  • we are meant to succeed in connecting with love to those we serve through our business.

I am ready, therefore, to be done with fear, struggle, and resistance to marketing in my business.

Now the task becomes attending to old thought patterns around these three states as they show up and RE-minding myself so new neural pathways can be set in my brain.  I can do it.  You can do it.  Pick the number one thing you feel ready, poised, and committed to being done with – then make it so for your brand new year.