The Harmony of Alignment

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Home Earth is our home on this journey. She is literally the ground beneath our feet. While there are sacred sites around the world, the Earth Herself can be thought of as a Sacred Site; the whole beautiful “blue ball” of creation.

Turning a Grievance into a Forgiveness

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I knew about forgiveness. I’d asked for it and given it. I thought.

Taking Harvest Inventory

  I know the calendar year isn’t over q u i t e yet, but we are in the closing quarter. With winter holidays approaching (insanely busy unless you’ve given yours a make-over), it’s time NOW to count your blessings and see where you’ve been. Then you’ll be ready to launch new desires and goals […]

Invoking (Divine) Order

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Dear Nurtured Entrepreneur, The book lover’s lament – so many books to read, so little time – certainly rings true for me. I read a statement once by a famous author saying he never read a book twice. Too many more to read. But a book that raises your mental realm to a higher level […]

Save Time by Doing Less

This week, I’ve been invited to share my thoughts on the notion of saving time by doing less. This theme is being examined by various entrepreneur’s in blog posts at WeWork.  As an entrepreneur, WeWork’s innovative concept provides you with “the space, community, and services you need to create your life’s work.” Addressing this theme, blog […]

What Makes for a Good Business Life?

Dear Nurtured Entrepreneur, What works for you in running your spiritually-focused business may not be what you hear and read even from entrepreneurs very similar to you. “What makes a good life is so personal,” says Martha Beck, and I think that’s an understatement in life and business.

Getting Away, Paring Down, and Trust

Dear Nurtured Entrepreneur, Today I’m doing something I’ve never done before: asking you to venture to another author’s blog post.  Kristin Noelle is a woman after my own heart, a kindred spirit with all of us spiritual entrepreneurs and Beckian wayfinders.*  The minute I read her post I knew I had to share it with you.  […]

Hearing a Message for the First Time

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There’s a guided meditation recording* I listen to when I can’t fall asleep. Whether restless with joyful anticipation or caught in a loop of angst, the voice and words of this good guide almost always lead me into peaceful slumber. Do you have one like this?

File Management and the Element of Water

When was the last time you cleaned up your online files? Think of each one as the equivalent of a paper document in a filing cabinet drawer. Would you want the energy of useless, outdated reams of paper sitting forgotten in your space for creativity? No, that’s stagnant energy.  Energy that’s blocking the flow of […]

A Reflected Truth

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Yes, I saw it in the movie theater six times. The 1982 American science fiction film, E. T. (for extra-terrestrial), was a big hit in my household. One of my favorite scenes, however, had nothing to do with the little creature from outer space.

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