Subtle Activism for Introverts

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The Zone Subtle activism. Spiritual intervention. Planetary transformation. These are components of a project I’ve been participating in for several years now called the Gaiafield Project, based at the California Institute for Integral Studies.  “The Gaiafield Project promotes the study and practice of subtle activism, which affirms the power of consciousness-based approaches like global meditation […]

Summer 2015

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A Little Wisdom in Your Pocket

Posted by on May 27, 2015 in Tips for Nurtured Entrepreneurs | 4 Comments

Do you have a little cache of go-to wisdom? Choice phrases that came your way and took up residence in your psyche? There they wait, ready to be drawn upon in times of need, a perfect morsel of guidance for the journey.  Rather than reacting with emotions of resentment, disappointment, or anger at a personality […]

A Deeper Layer of Self-Nurturing

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Ah, self-nurturing! It might sound like bucolic bliss at first, but what does it really mean? Do you even know what nurtures you, personally, beyond your go-to comforts? What is deeply essential to your well-being? What helps you thrive and feel deeply alive? And, how do you feed those holy hungers and do it without […]

What is Essential?

I am re-examining how I spend my time, energy, and resources. This involves discipline and discernment. I know that my days seem to fly by and mostly they’re good days, but still there’s a shadow of doubt.

Feeding Holy Hungers

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Years ago, in a book by Dr. Andrew Weil, I was struck by his encouragement to buy flowers, and his insistence on the importance of beauty to our well-being.  Until then, I’d bought flowers occasionally, but his affirmation of the deep value of beauty opened a door for me to buy flowers more routinely for […]

Joy that Makes You Want to Shout

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Do you fear joy? I certainly didn’t think so until one day when I was deep in thought about an upcoming happy event.  All of a sudden I realized a pattern had been activated:  contracting from feeling too much joy.  A dear friend was coming to play – tea, talk, crafts – and I was […]

Claim Your Life’s Right Tempo

Posted by on Mar 18, 2015 in Tips for Nurtured Entrepreneurs | 2 Comments

Like author bell hooks, “Life-transforming ideas have always come to me through books.”  Here are two that changed my life … Years ago while walking past a low bookcase in the local library, a book jumped off the shelf toward me. It sure seemed that way. Turned out to be a novel about a modern […]

Springtime, Flowtime

The most powerful message I’ve ever heard about what it means to stay in the Flow, came from the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. The thing is, we can’t look to how others answer these questions to answer them for ourselves. It’s not a group decision and for the individual the answer is a changing one.  Beyond […]

The Seeds of New Worlds

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“During the times we think we’re being ‘unproductive,’ the seeds of new worlds are germinating within us, and they need peace to grow.” -Martha Beck Idleness. Culturally, it is generally frowned upon (could this be a clue to its hidden value?). There are numerous quotations about the lure and dangers of idleness, but these, I […]

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